“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” – George Harrison Travel wisely. 🙂  

“Welcome Home, dear travelers”

Dear Travelers of the Universe.. What will you have in mind if you stand on the particular coordinate on this earth, and all you can see are none others than The Mountains? Blessed are the people of #Nepal for they have the special gift of #Himalaya. Do you know that by now some regions of…

I Lived!

Dear Travelers, what is your most frequently played song on your phone?

It is said that the song you listen the most can give others the idea of what is within your mind at the moment. 🙂

Allow us to add another song suggestion to your playlist. A song that hopefully matches with your liking. Hopefully it will make you feel more grateful of the life that’s been given to you.. More passionate about the next adventure of your life that you haven’t taken.